Ever the Nomad

Hello there. My name is Lucas Hudson, and I am currently a senior at Brent University. All my life I've traveled the world, moving from country to country, never really staying at any one place for too long. I really love being able to roam around the world and immerse myself in new cultures, but I'm definitely glad to finally settle down in Iowa. It looks like I'm going to be here a while, so I might as well make the most of it.

TEXT: Cause you're a dummy. What'd you end up doing anyway?

[TEXT] I just went out to dinner with some people from student council, since we had a meeting that night. [TEXT] I really didn’t have much time to celebrate, especially since I had two exams this week. [TEXT] We can have our own celebration sometime.

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TEXT: I'll think about it. Maybe for your birthday if you're good.

[TEXT] Man, why didn’t I see you at all on my birthday? [TEXT] My day wasn’t complete without you.

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@michayes: Touche sir. I would say drink responsibly @lukehudson, but I don't think there is a point. #havefun.
@lukehudson: Hey, I turned 22, not 52. There's no need to be responsible, @michayes. See you tomorrow at brunch!
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@michayes: Mr. President skipping class? Tsk tsk. And no need to thank me. Anything for you @lukehudson
@lukehudson: What? You don't think Obama cancels meetings? But still, I appreciate the sentiment behind your actions, @michayes. #offtogetdrunknow
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@michayes: You're funny, birthday boy. How about you stop by the diner and I'll give you a free birthday meal. Does that work for you @lukehudson?
@lukehudson: Ooh, sounds tempting. I might skip class and go for a birthday brunch. Thanks for the offer, @michayes! How thoughtful of you.
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@michayes: Happy Birthday @lukehudson Hope it's one that gives you everything you deserve, and more!
@lukehudson: Thank you, @michayes. I expect a sizable parcel on my doorstep in the morning! Haha. #jk #butseriously
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@lukehudson: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22. #ObligatoryBirthdayTweet
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TEXT: Oh boy. I definitely think that would be crossing the friend line since you added the squeezing and all.

[TEXT] Awww. Boooo. [TEXT] You wouldn’t make an exception for me?

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jaimehaie: how do i respond to hot older guys talking to me #sociallyawkward

@lukehudson: @jaimehamie Confidence is key.

TEXT: This is becoming a somewhat odd contractual conversation. haha I don't know. I'm just wondering if it's gonna be like a poke or a cupping? What exactly were you thinking of?

[TEXT] Since when were our conversations ever normal? [TEXT] I’m thinking more of a cupping… and a squeezing. [TEXT] Definitely a squeezing.

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